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Black Thumb Gardening

Posted: Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 @ 5:41 pm in Black Thumb Gardening | 2 Comments »

There are folks who love to post photos of their gorgeous gardens full of perfect, colorful flowers and perfect, ripe vegetables and perfect, green lawns and bushes and trees. They gush about how their lives are more meaningful because they garden. They speak wistfully of the next time they can tear themselves away from their computers to rush outside and pull that single pesky weed that somehow snuck into Eden, repot that lush herbal basil plant that has now grown too large for its container, add compost and earthworms to the already rich soil to nourish the new crop of veggies they’re about to plant, build a stone wall to define a special area of hanging plants and rhododendrons, or put in a pond for the Koi that will add ambience to the peaceful idyll of their garden. I am not one of those.