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My Blog-Father, or, How I Learned About the Power of Blogging

Filed under: Admin,Writing — 22 September 2006 @ 6:20 pm

Even though Matt is young enough to be my son, I consider him my blog-father.

People are going to believe what they want to believe about religion and other matters, which Matt at Pooflingers Anonymous grudgingly accepts. But when they try to justify their beliefs using pseudo-science and false logic, then Matt wades in and gleefully flings poo at the fallacies. That’s his specialty. I invite you to sample one of his Master Efforts, where he valiently subjects himself to viewing the entire 12-part “Blue Series” of Kent Hovind‘s creation “science” video lectures, and critiques each and every one of them, flinging lots of the brown stuff around.

But not only does he fling poo, he also spreads link-love. That is, he’s a nice guy. And generous.

Just over a year ago, I posted an off-topic comment on one of his posts. I told him that I enjoyed the viewpoints on his blog, but my middle-aged eyes were having problems reading his layout design, grey words diappearing into a dramatic black background. He claimed it was bright white words on a dark background and easy to read, but I say, don’t argue with a crotchety woman old enough to be your mother. He replied politely rather than taking me to task for my cheekiness, suggesting that I increase the brightness on my monitor.

A couple of months later Matt made a design change (“due to a couple of complaints from readers that light text on a dark background is rather hard on the eyes”). I was tickled. This made it much easier for this middle-aged reader to appreciate the artistry of his poo-flinging aim.

This was the start of my realization that the Blogosphere is very powerful indeed. I saw that I could have some small influence on a total stranger who lives on the other side of the planet from me. I felt this stranger’s kindness awaken in me the possibility that I also could influence others. Or at least inflict my opinions on any poor readers who happen by. I could start a blog of my own.

So here I am, with plans for a series of posts in the topics that interest me. Writing gives me an opportunity to crystalize my chaotic thoughts (can you say “Attention Deficit Disorder”?). Posting those thoughts in a blog gives me an opportunity to hear what others think. As my son — I mean my blog-father — bravely flings poo at a logically-challenged target, or speaks gently to an uppity middle-aged reader, I too take up the challenge of seeing what gets flung back in this direction.

Thanks, Matt, for being a nice guy. I hope to have as much fun with this blog as you seem to be having with yours.

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  1. IAMB:

    You’re most welcome, and thanks for the reciprocal link love.

    You weren’t the only one that suggested a template change, but you were the first… and the only one with the guts to suggest it publicly rather than in email. I hesitated for a while because a switch meant rebuilding my entire sidebar (which really is only a cut-and-paste job for the most part, but still a pain) but decided at some point that I was writing to be read, and if people were having trouble reading my stuff it was sort of self-defeating.

    Actually, it started a bit of a cascade and several others switched soon after as well…

    So thank you.

  2. JanieBelle and Kate:

    Yeah Matt’s pretty special. It takes a special kind of guy to wade through all that crap to fling some um… crap.

    Y’know what I mean.

    We like ‘im.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere.

    JanieBelle and Kate

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