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Filed under: Car-less,Expat,Pets,Shopping - Transporting the Goods — 24 September 2006 @ 5:36 pm

We have an indoor cat who loves to drink water. Lots of water. And what goes in must come out. Which is why kitty litter is important. Lots of it.

When we lived downtown, I regularly purchased a 20 kg (44 lb) bag at the local pet shop and schlepped it home strapped to my Hacken-Porsche* (shopping trolley) with bungie cords. The apartment house had an elevator to take me and my heavy purchase up two flights, so it was easy to roll it into my apartment.

Then 4 years ago we moved to the suburbs, into the upper floor of a house with no elevator. Lifting one of those 20 kg (44 lb) bags into and off of a bus was a bit more than I wanted to do on a regular basis. And it’s a bit unwieldy for Michael to carry on the back rack of his bicycle. So I called around and found a pet shop that was willing to deliver. I ordered 3 bags at once and paid a bit extra as a delivery fee, which I didn’t mind because they were doing me a big favor. After a few deliveries, one day they refused to take my telephone order, saying that I didn’t order enough from them to make it worth their while to deliver on their way home from work on a Friday evening, even with the delivery fee tacked on. Uh-huh.

You know what? I got a new, improved Hacken-Porsche* with a widget that allows it to be attached to the back of Michael’s bicycle. So now I can send him off to a different pet store (one that was honest from the very beginning that they didn’t want to bother with home delivery) to schlep home a bag of that all-important kitty litter. That shop that didn’t value the purchases of a wimpy, car-less middle-aged lady will never get any more business from me.
Now we can again take care of the industrial quantities of aftermath produced by our water-guzzling cat. Having this particular product delivered to our door was nice while it lasted, but there you go. We found another solution.

[*Hacken-Porsche translates as “heels Porsche” — that is, a vehicle that keeps close to your heels like a well-trained dog.]

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  1. Michael:

    Hey blackcat,
    The new “Hacken-Porsche” as bike attachment works great. You chose well. I did however, add my own modification by using bicycle seatpost quick-releases for the bicycle’s hanger attachment. It came with nuts and bolts for a more-or-less permanent attachment but it gets in the way of the regular rack. Now even the hanger goes on and off in less than a minute.
    The local bike shop owner was somewhat bemused when I asked for four seatpost quick-releases and I said that it didn’t matter for what size seatpost they were for. I really do have to go by the shop sometime and show him why I wanted them.
    — M

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